Specializing in Human Factors in Aviation, Safety
Management Systems, FRMS and Leadership Workshops.

Grey Owl Aviation Consultants Inc. is a leading provider of human factors in aviation, safety management systems, fatigue risk management and aviation leadership training for managers, technicians and flight crews.

Grey Owl has been providing error reduction strategies both domestically and internationally by facilitating human factors training to aviation personnel on-site at customer facilities since 1991.

As a licensed technician, Richard Komarniski has been extensively involved with aircraft maintenance since 1974. Richard's passion for maintenance error prevention leads him to guest speak regularly at major industry conventions and conferences.

Our Mission

To equip aviation managers, technicians and flight crews with the skills necessary to enhance safety, teamwork and efficiency in their work place, and therefore, reduce costly aviation errors.

  • Our Human Factors in Aviation, Safety Management Systems and Fatigue Risk Management programs are in compliance with Transport Canada, FAA and EASA training requirements for managers, technicians and flight crews. FAA IA renewal approved.
  • Our aviation training is provided on site at your facility.

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