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"More than 30% of aircraft accidents from 1997 through 2001 were caused at least in part by maintenance mistakes."

USA TODAY - March 2, 2004  

To combat this trend, regulatory agencies around the world have implemented requirements for error prevention training. ICAO, EASA and Transport Canada are just a few agencies that have mandated human factors training as an error prevention strategy.

Aviation accident reports often refer to aircraft maintenance departments as contributing links in the chain of events that lead to an aviation incident. An in-depth review of accident reports reveals that a series of human errors (known as a chain of events) was allowed to form until the accident occurred. In some cases, a specific maintenance / flight crew error itself was the primary cause of the accident, whereas in others, the maintenance / flight crew oversight was just one link in the chain of events that lead to the accident.

If we can break the chain of events, the accident likely will not happen.

Our training programs are designed to help your organization comply with regulations and optimize the benefits of your safety management program.

From airlines to aircraft manufacturers, overhaul facilities to repair stations, Grey Owl training programs can assist your company and personnel in a variety of ways.

The aim of each of our courses is to:

  •  Reduce errors and their associated costs
  •  Improve aviation safety and awareness

We strive to achieve these goals by:

  • Providing a framework for better communication
  • Creating corporate culture conducive to error prevention
  • Developing realistic and immediate safety nets
  • Assist in establishing a safety management system

All of our workshops provide participants with tools necessary to enhance their on the job performance, increase their individual well-being and ultimately prevent errors.

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Our Human Factors in Aviation, Safety Management Systems and Fatigue Risk Management programs are in compliance with Transport Canada, FAA and EASA training requirements.  FAA IA Renewal approved.