Specializing in Human Factors in Aviation, Safety
Management Systems, FRMS and Leadership Workshops.

Our Human Factors workshops are FAA IA Renewal approved.

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  • The workshop is in compliance with Transport Canada, FAA and EASA 145  requirements and is FAA IA renewal approved.
  • Additionally, we provide eight phases of recurrent human factors training that further explore various aspects of error prevention strategies in aviation.


To equip aviation managers, technicians and flight crews with the skills necessary to enhance safety, teamwork and efficiency in the workplace, and therefore, reduce aviation related errors.


The initial two-day, 16-hour workshop has been developed to give aviation professionals insight as to the human element that affects their judgment in the workplace. Central to the workshop is an in-depth discussion and examination of the Dirty Dozen, a variety of human factors such as complacency, distraction, fatigue, and stress, which all affect an individual’s decision making process. Through behavioral analysis and actual case studies, the workshop will demonstrate how safety nets, or countermeasures, can be instituted by the managers, technicians and flight crews to prevent incidents and accidents due to human error.