Specializing in Human Factors in Aviation, Safety
Management Systems, FRMS and Leadership Workshops.

Team workThis workshop’s objective is to develop each participant’s knowledge of the key components of a Safety Management System and provide the skills needed to utilize the benefits of SMS.

An in-depth review and discussion of your safety management system will reveal how you can begin to cut costs, improve productivity and prevent errors.  This workshop will help you realize the return on investment (ROI) by maximizing the benefits of your new business model. 

A Safety Management System is founded on a pro-active approach to safety; successful implementation requires support from all levels of an organization: executives in the boardroom, mechanics in the hangar, and pilots in the cockpit.  The SMS framework will save you money through increased productivity and structured decision making using a risk assessment tool; ultimately preventing accidents in the aviation industry. From a purely business point of view there’s no reason to wait to improve efficiency and reduce safety risks.  The workshop will be of significant value to decision makers at all levels as they strive to achieve aeronautical excellence.

Topics will include development and implementation process of an SMS for compliance with HAI Accreditation, ICAO, IS-BAO, Transport Canada and proposed FAA requirements.  Course is accredited for 8 hrs IA Renewal.

This workshop is designed for aviation management personnel in operations, maintenance, safety and other areas that may be involved in SMS development.  Any person in a position of decision-making in aviation will find the material covered invaluable.