Specializing in Human Factors in Aviation, Safety
Management Systems, FRMS and Leadership Workshops.

Grey Owl Aviation Consultants customized one-day CRM workshop complies with all aspects of the initial CRM training required in AC 700-042 Crew Resource Management.

Crew Resource Management Training (CRM) for flight crew, flight attendants, dispatchers/flight followers, ground crew and maintenance personnel will be tailored to the needs and size of the organization.  CRM training will cover the operator’s safety culture, its company culture, the type of operations and the associated procedures of the operator.  This will include areas of operations that may lead to particular difficulties or involve unusual hazards.

The goal is to improve the CRM knowledge and skills of aviation personnel, in order to reduce the frequency and severity of errors that are crew based. The aim of this course as it relates to aviation personnel is to reduce errors and their associated costs, to create a corporate culture conducive to human error prevention, and to develop realistic and immediate safety nets.  This training is directly related to human performance with the ultimate goal an increase in overall safety.  The course is case study based to illustrate topics covered, which will help you to identify, investigate and mitigate human error to enhance your organization’s safety.

To be in compliance with Transport Canada requirements the Initial workshop covers:

  1. Threat and error management;
  2. Communications;
  3. Situational awareness;
  4. Pressures and stress;
  5. Fatigue;
  6. Workload management;
  7. Decision making;
  8. Leadership and team building;
  9. Automation and technology management; and
  10. Relevant case study.